Inflowchange features

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Inflowchange comes with dual wallet which are “Cash Wallet” and “Crypto Wallet” The cash wallet is for fiat currencies while the crypto wallet is for cryptocurrencies, whenever a user exchanges crypto to cash, the cash goes to the cash wallet and will be ready to either be withdrawn or be transferred to other inflowchange user(s). The inflowchange crypto wallet let’s inflowchange users receive up to 100 (hundred) cryptocurrencies that will instantly be converted to stable coin (USDT) to save you (your finance) from crypto volatility, Inflowchange users can use the inflowchange crypto wallet to make deposits of different cryptocurrencies and you can exchange it for cash whenever convenient for you by using the “exchange” or “convert” options.


The Convert feature on Inflowchange is a feature that enables inflowchange users to convert crypto asset/assets to cash instantly, You can convert specific amount of crypto to cash or convert all at once and have your cash instantly available in your cash wallet.


The Inflowchange send feature let’s inflowchange users send cash to other inflowchange users instantly at zero fees.


The inflowchange request feature lets inflowchange users to request cash/payment from other inflowchange users.