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How to Sell Crypto on Inflowchange
On our platform its easy, just register your account, sell Crypto Instantly and get your money paid to your withdrawal method in no time, it's all automated, fast and easy.
How fast is Inflowchange payout?
Payout is instant to the customer’s wallet which will be processed to customer’s withdrawal method.
What is Inflowchange Processing fee
For Nigerian customers a flat processing fee of N200 will be deducted from the expected amount and the balance will be sent to the customer’s withdrawal method. For dollar transactions a 5% processing fee is deducted. For UAH transactions 4% processing is deducted and balance sent to their set withdrawal method
What does Underpayment & Overpayment mean?
Transaction won’t proceed if an unpaid transaction is detected by our system, if this is the case the customer will be contacted via email and a refund will be made or the customer will be asked to topup the amount which will be processed and sent to their withdrawal method. A 5% penalty fee will be applied for underpayment. Overpayment order will be refunded or processed if customer contact the support.
How to contact Inflowchange customer support
To contact us kindly login and the support ticket or live chat, alternatively you can send us an E-mail:
Inflowchange Verification/KYC
For Anti Money Laundering Policy (AML) compliance and to tackle exploitation of our system we have set out realtime verification (KYC), all you have to do is upload a valid required ID, take a selfie and our system will verify you to make Buying of crypto feature available for your account and for security purposes.
Inflowchange Rewards
Making a minimum of 10 transactions in a month qualifies you to Inflowchange rewards, we also have referral bonuses open to all users who bring new users to our platform and can be withdrawn to your withdrawal method upon request.
Withdrawal method
For security purposes customers have to make a request to change their withdrawal method, this is to enable us keep your funds and the platform safe.