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How can I Sell Bitcoin on Inflowchange?
Inflowchange is easy, just create your account, login and deposit crypto to your inflowchange crypto wallet to Instantly convert crypto to cash anytime you want or exchange from external crypto wallets and withdraw directly to your preferred withdrawal method in no time, it's all automated, fast and easy.
Can I send and receive crypto with my inflowchange crypto wallet?
No, you can’t. Your Inflowchange crypto wallet purpose is to only receive or deposit crypto currency in your account to enable you convert/exchange it to cash whenever convenient for you without the hassles of copying long addresses.
How fast is Inflowchange payout?
Payout is instant to the customer’s withdrawal method upon request by the customer.
What is Inflowchange Processing fee?
For Nigerian Naira, it’s a flat processing fee of N200 - N400, For US dollar transactions (PayPal) it’s 4% - 7% processing fee, For Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH) and other currencies available or to be listed in the future, 5% - 7% processing fee.
What does Underpayment & Overpayment mean?
We advise you to use your crypto wallet to deposit and convert/exchange instantly whenever you want cash because transaction won’t proceed if you use external exchange option and short-pay, short-pay means paying less or higher than amount expected to be paid, Unpaid transaction is detected on the platform, if this is the case the customer will be contacted via email and a refund will be made or the customer will be asked to topup the amount which will be processed and sent to their withdrawal method. A penalty fee will be applied for underpayment. Overpayment order will be automatically refunded or processed, in event either options failed to execute by our system you’re advised to contact the support team.
How can i contact Inflowchange support?
To contact inflowchange customer support kindly login and use the support ticket or live chat, alternatively you can send a mail to:
How can I qualify for Inflowchange Rewards?
Making a minimum of 10 transactions in a month qualifies you to Inflowchange rewards, we also have referral bonuses oYou must make a minimum of 10 transactions worth $5000 USD in a month to qualify you for Inflowchange rewards, referral bonuses are open to all users who refer new users to the platform and can be withdrawn to your withdrawn or transferred upon request.
How can I update Withdrawal method on Inflowchange?
To update your withdrawal method on Inflowchange is easy and simple, just navigate to settings -> Profile & Settings -> Withdrawal Method and update it.
Does Inflowchange work only in Ukraine and Nigeria?
No, Inflowchange also works in other countries that accepts PayPal payments although we are working on expanding to more jurisdictions in the future.